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Are you feeling blocked creatively? You sit down to work on you blog, website, your manifesto. 

  • An hour or two later, you mastered freecell, came up with a new strategy for WOW, or maybe you were more productive and finally cleaned you studio. Well WTF?
  • Now what? You are tired you go to bed, get up tomorrow early hoping the muse will be there. She is not , your rush through breakfast and everything else so you can get into traffic and off you go to crutty cubicle world for another day of listless daydreaming. Counting the hours
  • You get home and your are getting ready to finish that work in progress and get it posted to Art and Artistry forum, you going to finish that blog post and add stronger descriptions to your gallery. You are really going to get it done today.
  • You check your email, you brother sent you a link to a artist in your home town who is making a name for herself online. You look at her site, her work is ok. Somehow you manage to get some work done, but now you wonder if...
    • Its too late?
    • Who are you kidding?
    • Why can't you get it done?
    • And you spiral out of control .....
    Stop -- Just Stop IT!
It is not too late, in fact the timing could not be better, you owe it to your self to get a copy of my seven lessons for promoting and selling art online. Just enter your email address and get a copy of the first lesson in your email today. Each lesson covers Reasons, Actions and Organization.

Reason: Why this is important to your promotion efforts? Apply left brain logic to right brain thinkers. Reasons create motivation.

Action: Something to do right now. 10 to 20 minutes of activity to get you started. Actions create breakthroughs.

Organization: Tips on keeping you activity organized, to help you stay accountable to yourself. Organization provides continuity of action, so you will keep improving the action.

If you really want to promote and start selling art, these lessons are intended to provide you with more than theory. Each lesson has a specific action step for that day, and practical advice for organizing your efforts to help you stay the course of consistent action to sell art on the internet.

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July 4, 2009
Beginning artist and experienced programmer establishes Simple Art Marketing to build a practice to support his dreams of escaping the cubicle for a life of drawing, writing and painting.


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